About Us

My name is Jack Peck. I've been running the poetry/spoken word evenings at The Friend in Hand under the name WordinHand since July 2007. You can get a sense of what's been happeningĀ  by having a look at the flyer archive or sample past and present poets at Shared Words.

WordinHand is only the latest incarnation of poetry and spoken word at The Friend in Hand in Glebe. The venue has been a significant cultural home for poetry and performed spoken word in Sydney for over a decade, thanks to Mick Byrne and the Byrne family's continuing commitment to the form, providing the upper room and attended bar every month.

Many of Sydney's and Australia'sĀ  best- (and less-well) -known poets have appeared on our stage. These are community nights. With 5 open mike segments and a Slam of 8, plus 1 or 2 featured poets, there is at least a baker's dozen of voices every month giving us the words and the stories of their lives, crafted for sharing with the world.

For many years Tug Dumbly and Benito di Fonzo ran Bardflys at The Friend in Hand. Tug & Benito have kindly provided their reminiscences of that time.

Here are Tug's "Bardflys: A Sketch" and Benito's "The Bardflys: An even Briefer Ancient History"

In early 2011, "Shelf Life", a production of the University of Western Sydney, ran a feature story on WordinHand. Here it is.

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